The Life of Gottfried Steyer

Author & Director:
Bernd Weissig


astfilm productions

The city of Hohenheida in Saxony, approximately three miles away from the "Auerbachs Cellar" in Leipzig. A old lamp throws a little light on a large number of papers, documents and scripts. In a kind of blue light, a old man is sitting next to his piano. The 90 years old Gottfried Steyer, father of seven children, all his life long he was a priest, a musician and a theologian in Saxony.

The meaning of the Greek word "thaumazein", could be a perfect allegory to describe the life of Steyer: amazement as the drive to live at all. To see, to understand, the wish to learn more - this triangle was his destiny in life, his being. An alternative draft of today's fast-lane life, "where many are endangered to miss the wonders of life". "Amor Didacticus" is the story of a very extraordinary character, an exceptional biography. The documentary spans almost one century and invites for a walk with a man for whom nothing is inexplicable.