The Decline of the Russian North Sea Fleet

Author & Director:
Alexander Berlin

Commissioning Editor:
Martin Huebner


astfilm productions | MDR | ARTE // ARTE

It was the pride of the former military super power Soviet Union, the North Sea fleet, especially its nuclear powered submarines. Ten years after the end of the Cold War, the documentary takes an in-depth look at the today's Russian North Sea fleet.

Generals and sailors, submarine commanders and shipyard workers, politicians and environmentalists, they all tell their point of view about the common and special problems. Many of the former and today's elite forces feel increasingly insecure. It lacks in money for maintenance and equipment. Personal safeness and prospects are missing, but also military-political visions. And also the decommissioned nuclear powered submarines and their "scrapping" are cause for concern.

"Submerged" asks many explosive questions and gives an exclusive situation report of a still top-secret and "hermetically sealed" zone.